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Clean Basic CleanNet® is the leading, multilingual software for cleaning companes. Clean Basic offers software solutions for precise measuring of work and creation of offers and asking of quotes. The software helps you to plan, provide, buy and consult cleaning, caretaker and catering work. The application working time measurement is based on the work studied norms. These norms and standards are researched with internationally valid work study methods and by objective, authorised investigators. The full version of CleanNet® is available through Clean Basic.

With CleanNet® Web you can calculate office, school, home, supermarket, nursery, staircase and old people´s home with three different cleaning quality levels and as a result you will have work hours, instructions and costs.

You can subscribe to either CleanNet® Web or CleanNet® Home using PayPal. It's simple and easy.Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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CleanNet® Web Home allows you to easily add a home cleaning calculator for your customers to your site. See CleanNet® Web Home in action